OPEN ALL YEAR                                                                        AIR-NITROX-TRIMIX-OXYGEN                                                                       WELCOME TECHNICAL DIVERS                                                                       GUIDED DIVES                                                                       DISCOVERY DIVES

We dispose with more then 20 full sets of diving equipment and over 60 diving tanks /
volume 15 liters of which 35 are prepared also for Nitrox/Trimix fillings.
All tanks are on 200 bar and have double valve with conections, DIN/INT depending
on your needs.
Breathing regulators are trademarks Cressi Sub equipped with two second stage
and manometer.
The suits are in one piece or two-piece with thickness of 5 mm + boots.
The compressor room is equipped with 4 Bauer compressors, air bank and with system
for filling Air, Oxygen, Nitrox and Trimix blends with maximum capacity of about
25 bottles per hour.
Private tanks for Nitrox must be cleaned and prepared for Oxygen.
Our guests have at their disposal 10 showers for washing equipment and taking a shower,
rooms for drying and storage the equipment, terrace for preparation, day habitation
and resting and room with machine for hot drinks.
For diving trips we dispose with three boats (and more if necessary) and a fast rubber boat
with total capacity of 55 Pearsons.
Decompression chamber is 9 km away from us.