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We organize Full day trips for groups of at least 8 divers or more, which include two dives
on sunken ships.
The trip begins at 09:30 a.m. with gathering at diving center, preparation and organizing
diving equipment on the boat and taking two scuba tanks of which first can be yours
(filling with Air gratis) or rented from us, while the second bottle with Air is included
in full day trip.
With prior arrangement, after the first dive we can make lunch (sandwich, drinks
and snacks) or you can bring your own meal.
After that there is a short break for sunbathing and swimming, and in the afternoon
preparation for the second dive.
Returning between 17:00 and 19:00 hours.

Required minimum Specialty wreck dive or deep dive or AOWD or P2 or equivalent Category.
Full day includes boat, two dives on sunken ships, guide, safety decompression bottle
with EAN50 on 6 meters of depth, safety bottle with Oxygen on boat, filling of your bottle
with air and bottle with air for second dive.

Extra payment for Baron Gautsch and Hans Schmidt – 50,00 Kuna

Extra payment for Vis – 150,50 Kuna

Extra payment for lunch: sandwich + drinks + snacks – 68,00 Kuna